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Ziam in 2013

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i’m starting to think that zayn and liam don’t have a wardrobe


they have a ziam wardrobe










one person



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Liam giving Zayn moral support

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Anonyme sent: What were the subtle things during 1D Day to make people think Ziam is real?


Answering this quick before I go to bed.

Things that were ”over the top” and can be considered ”fan service”: Dancing with each other. The spanking video. The grinding. The whole fondling with blindfolds.

- Now, to me, these are not fan service. They are still Ziam being comfortable to do all those things, but the reason they are left in videos and allowed, in my opinion, is that a lot of pairings do them, and they can look inconspicuous that way.

Things that were subtler and had meaning: When Zayn said his only proper ”girlfriend” is his current one while looking at Liam, and he made the air quotes himself. The way Liam froze when Zayn told him he is his inspiration for dancing, as opposed to Zouis joking with each other about Louis being Zayn’s idol. Zayn’s slip up ”we - I have a dog”. Liam picking up Mirrors for his audition song, when we know Mirrors has been a huge Ziam thing for ages. Ziam glued together on the sofa, and Zayn moving a bit away after realising that fact. Zayn putting his hand on Liam’s butt before the You and I snippet and Liam slowly backing away when he realised it was on camera. The little comforting gestures during the food game. Liam acting like Zayn was Vincent Van Gogh of graffiti in that whole video of Zayn’s art. Zayn being visibly concerned for Liam before his fight at the rink. Zayn forgetting to sing because he was looking at Liam during Little Things.

- Now I mentioned lots of different things above, and some [such as Zayn being concerned for Liam before the fight] can fall into the ”friendship” category, but the WAY these two look at each other, hold each other, and behave around each other suggests otherwise. Most of the ”subtler” things didn’t even happen in the Ziam hour.

What I noticed in the beginning of the Ziam hour, was a pissed off Zayn, and a Liam jumping in to save the day. I think they were told off before it or sth. They were clearly lost and uncomfortable, trying to find what to do. As it progressed they became more relaxed, with Zayn being happy during the balloon thing and then supporting Liam in his fight.

If I had to pinpoint 3 big things, I’d single out these:

  1. Zayn’s slip up about the dog. ”We - I have a dog” and frozen Zayn.
  2. Zayn saying he’s only had one proper ”girlfriend” while looking straight at Liam the whole time.
  3. When Zayn needed an idol in the Zouis hour, Louis was like ”can I be your idol?” and Zayn was like ”sure”, and they bantered about it. In the Ziam hour, Zayn told Liam he is his inspiration for dancing, and Liam looked as if he had swallowed a broomstick. Now, mates would joke about that. What I saw was a Liam scared shitless that they would be shouted at for this comment afterwards, so he stood there doing nothing.

Also, about the Larry comparison thing [x]. Plus I want to say I really wasn’t expecting a Ziam hour. But even when we got it they were so stiff and uncomfortable for quite a bit, which just makes me think they were trying very hard not to be ZaynandLiam because they would get told off, and ended up being cold instead.

But the main thing I see with Ziam is - they are not trying to prove or disprove anything. They are together, that is their reality. They live under pressure, they know they have to hide it or risk being told off, but their affection, their comfortableness with each other, their natural movements, all of these come with the territory, without them trying. They simply ARE together and these events are not for us to see it, it’s just them being together and trying to cope with the situations thrown at them the best way they can.

Idk if I answered your question correctly or anything, but yeah here is what I think. This stream doesn’t prove they are together on its own, but it very much brings the point across if you believe in them anyway.

I am about to drop on my keyboard tho, so I’ll prob reblog a couple things and go to bed now :) xx

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Up and coming R&B duet, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, about to perform at the iHeartRadio.

Up and coming R&B duet, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, about to perform at the iHeartRadio.

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